Friday, March 29, 2013

Reading for April 2

Greetings from California...  I am "home" in LA visiting my family for Passover.  It is 65 and sunny here, but I hear you are having a spring weekend in PVD as well.  Hope you get a few minutes to enjoy some sunshine.

The reading for this week is all about Brown vs. the Board of Education, the supreme court ruling that desegregated American public schools, and the current political climate around race in a post-Obama age.  It is all online -- a website, a short article, and two videos.

CLICK HERE for the post that gives you access to all of them.

We will spend a good part of Tuesday working on the SL project, forming groups and answering questions. Because of this, we are only going to have one day to talk about everything you read here, so try to be thorough on your blog -- this is a good week to do a connections blog entry because there is so much going on across the different texts.

See you Tuesday!

LB :)

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